Episode 6- Give Me Some Sugar, Baby!

In episode 6 we sit down and discuss sugar daddies, mommies, and their babies. We talk about what they are, what type of people they are, and what type of relationships these people have. We talk about the biased social opinion on the difference between older men looking for younger women, verses older women looking for younger men. Why it has to be about money with the older man, and about emotional support for older women.

We also discuss why people choose these types of relationships, how they can be beneficial, and how they can be harmful. We talk about different websites that help sugar parents and sugar babies meet, and how what people are looking for on these sites can be a little muddy. Jaqi made a profile on one of these websites, and we talk about a few of the responses she has received and the type of people they came from.

We close the show with Alia making Jaqi Chipping away another page of “Just the Tips,” by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky!

Here are the links from the articles we talked about on this episode:

Older Men Dating Younger Women

Cougars and Their Cubs

Sugar Daddy Website has Coeds Justifying Prostitution

How Sugar Daddies Are financing College Education

Gwaker Slammed


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