The Misfits Network

The Misfits Podcast Network is exactly how it sounds: a network of podcasts hosted by misfits.  The Misfits Network is home to, not only comedians, but to other podcasters that don’t quite “fit in” with the other networks. As anyone that can log onto a computer knows, people are stronger in numbers, and the Misfits Network is growing to bring, you, the listeners (and watchers) the best entertainment and information the internet can give you.

The Misfits Network has researched the internet and has taken all of the good things other networks offer, and left out all of the crap. The Misfits host own and have total control of their show’s because, well, duh, it’s theirs. Besides hosting podcasts we promote our hosts in every venture that they do, have a place for fans to discuss their favorite shows, we have a store for the hosts to sell their merchandise, and so much!

This is an ever-growing networking that is helping building brand names and providing diverse content through different media outlets for fans everywhere.

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