Awkward Moments w/ Collin A. Bullock #140 The Internet, Theatre, Art, and Cincinatti with Ron Ervin

What’s Cincinatti famous for? Collin doesn’t know, he’s never even fucking been there. Not true, he maybe did stand up there once. He doesn’t remember. Anyway, it’s a town that has a famous Chili I guess. Jerry Springer was the mayor. Harambe the gorilla was murdered there, probably after getting information that could lead to the arrest of Hilary Clinton. Also, Ron Ervin is from there! He’s an actor and comedian and internet guy and also bald dude! He joined Collin to chat all about acting, the movie business, the theatre business, the Rocky Horror Picture show, and so much more! Check out the podcast online at, follow us on twitter at, and like us on Facebook at Collin likes you, and wants to be your friend!