Fuck the Holidays, Love the Bolton

Who doesn’t love Michael Bolton? Sociopaths!  That’s who!  Buckle in as Alia and Justy take you on a rollercoaster of topics including their hatred for the holidays which obviously leads into the grossness of the season.  ****DO WE NEED A TRANSITION TO THIS —>. I’M A LITTLE LOST ***Their undying love for MB!  Did you know two people could talk about the “widowspeak” for over fifteen minutes?  BECAUSE IT CAN BE DONE!  And once again, bringing this magical episode to a close the ladies talk about the men Alia is attracted to…”men that could you know, kill me if they wanted to.”  -Alia Janine   You guys are in for a real treat. You’re welcome for getting to hear about Alia and Justy’s impeccable taste.