Impeccable Taste- We Are All Going To Get Cancer

It must be your lucky day because this is episode 4 of Impeccable Taste! God what did you do to get so lucky? Between microwaves and deodorant, we are all going to get cancer, right? In this uplifting and positive episode, get ready to hear about why Alia and Justy think “Sex in the City” ruined New York for women (and just a lot of women in general).  If you can’t walk in heels, for the love of god stop wearing them. What kind of person doesn’t love sandals? HA! Trick question, EVERYONE loves sandals and those who don’t don’t count as people. Kids are the worst hey? Alia and Justy share their stories about being bullied growing up ummm…YOU’RE WELCOME. All this and so much more on this episode of Impeccable Taste.