You Can’t Have Love Without a Little (or A LOT OF) Hate

Alia and Justy, who have what could only be described as “Impeccable Taste”, welcome to the first episode, bitches!  You can’t have love without A LOT of hate!  It’s all about balance…well, kind of.  In this episode Alia and Justy give you a feel for what this podcast is about and what’s to come in future episodes.  Letting the conversation organically flow with raw honesty on how messed up the world is, they still find a unique sense of joy from the most ridiculous things.  Alia touches a bit on her family and upbringing while Justy makes sarcastic remarks pertaining to why Alia is attracted to men that tend to resemble her father. Shocker!  Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, they also talk a bit about what episode 2 will have in store. A whole lot of YEP!  YOU GUESSED IT! Michael Bolton!!! You guys are so lucky these ladies are sharing their impeccable taste with YOU!