MFX Ep 159 – Doing A Run-In On The 4th Wall.

It’s that time once again – MFX is back to bring you the kind of loosely based around pro wrestling podcast that will tickle your funny bone until you squirt. Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in pro wrestling, pop culture and everything in between. On the show this week…

Laughter, lots and lots of laughter. The lads are in rare form this week as they kick off the show with chat about Jamie Carragher’s spitting controversy, Duckman’s interactions with famous people on Twitter recently, Ant McPartland’s latest brush with booze and the law, the poisoning of a former Russian spy in the UK, the Facebook data leak and a big chat about how dangerous Facebook has become in the hands of marketers and what that could mean for the future for all of us who use social media. They also cover the passing of Prof Stephen Hawking and Jim Bowen from Bullseye – one of these things is not like the other. Yep, they cover a ton of topics and bring the funny like never before.

The lads get into a chat about stuff they’ve watched recently – including Ricky Gervais’s new stand up special, Black Panther, Altered Carbon and Justice League. Yeah, they finally watched Justice League and they bloody hated it! They answer your emails, including setting a challenge for you to name your MFX Hall of Fame moments.

Then it’s onto the wrestling part of the show. The lads talk all the biggest new stories of the last few weeks in pro wrestling. There’s a quick preview of WrestleMania 34 before they get to the most fun part of the show. The show is wrapped up this week with their first retro PPV review. It’s WCW New Blood Rising 2000 PPV. It’s so Russoriffic it’ll give you a migraine – with a hundred run-ins and some of the worst gimmick matches in wrestling history. It makes for a hilarious review and this could be a new gold mine for MFX material.

So sit back, relax and get your ear holes primed for some seriously entertaining MFX goodness. The pro wrestling podcast that’s so good, you don’t even need to like pro wrestling to enjoy it!

As always thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels.

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