The 5: Andrea Allan’s Top Five Places to Weep in Public in NYC

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Canadian, New York City comedian Andrea Allan released her debut comedy EP “GONZO” this summer and immediately hit #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts. Andrea, who you may know from Keith and the Girl, The Hot Mess Comedy Hour, and her unforgettable Comedy 101 appearance, is as sharp as she is filthy. Add that to her powerful stage presence and you have something truly special.

She’s known for her wild physical comedy, fearlessly filthy sets full of anger, self-loathing and all the vices. She is outrageous and 100% original and we’re very excited to help promote her first recorded release. “I’m a very blue comedian and the album cover is obviously shocking, so having the word “GONZO” on there, which is also a style of porn, makes me laugh,” said Allan when asked why she chose GONZO as the EP’s title. “It’s also a wink to Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo journalism which is anarchist and very personal. Plus the muppet Gonzo has a nose that looks like a dick, and I love any opportunity to make people laugh about, or at, dicks.”

Allan recorded the album at the Gutter, a music venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To prepare, she worked exhaustively on her material both on the road and in New York City. On GONZO, fans can expect her distinct brand of deeply personal material and wild stories from her life, plus absurd and crude takes on the frustrations of being a woman and a person in our world.

“There is a lot of unapologetic material on sex, substance abuse and rage,” said Allan. “And a lot of screaming about cum.”

Gonzo is just a taste of the insanity we can expect from Allan in the years to come. Be forewarned – GONZO is extremely NSFW so be sure to listen on headphones!


Order your GONZO EP right now  on iTunes.  You gotta hear it.


#1. Astoria Park.  When it comes to crying in public, nothing beats the privacy and sentimentality of Astoria Park. It’s quieter and more discreet than the Manhattan and Brooklyn parks and you are way less likely to run into an ex. You’re surrounded by nature and life feels like an indie movie and you are the star. Astoria Park is such an ideal public crying location because it caters to the different types of meltdowns. Whether you are walking on the footpaths amongst the people, letting tears stream down slowly without making a sound, sitting on a bench getting misty-eyed mournfully looking at the children on the playground (we all used to be so innocent) or you are full-on sobbing while walking along the waterside being laughed at by drunk teenagers at night, Astoria Park has it all. Weeping at the Manhattan skyline with your earbuds in and a cappuccino in hand is living the New York dream baby.

#2.  Diner in Williamsburg  Diner is not only one of my favourite restaurants in New York (the burgers holy shit), but it’s also a great place to cry if you want to make a splash. It’s an old dining car that has been completely restored, it’s a very small and intimate and you can really put on a performance in one of those wooden booths. The diner is prime people-watching for Williamsburg hipsters, rich eccentrics and celebrities. If you want to cry amongst the bourgeois and have a great meal while you are doing it, this is the spot. Also, if you want to do a public breakup this unique location is great for that too, your ex will never forget it.

#3. The N,Q,R, Train Crossing The Manhattan Bridge Into Brooklyn.  I’ve been in New York for 11-years now and I can confidently say I have cried on every single train line. Firstly, an above-ground train cry is the best-case scenario. Crying while underground is just the worst. When you are above ground you look out the window at the outside world and avoid eye contact with the other people you are accidentally taking hostage with your emotions. Nothing is worse than locking eyes with a Wallstreet bro while you well up, it’s a complete buzzkill. The train crossing the Manhattan bridge is ideal because it’s a hell of a view and it’s also a long stretch before you go underground again, it gives you time to let it out and then gain composure before the next stop.

#4. The 9/11 Memorial.  I mean…. I don’t think I have to elaborate too much on this one.

#5. McDonald’s.  McDonald’s is the truest judgement-free zone in all of New York. Whether you are a drunk college kid, a homeless person trying to sleep or a comedian hitting rock bottom, nobody here gives a shit about you or what you are doing. I love crying in the 1st Ave McDonald’s because it’s a medium level of busy and I’m usually not the saddest person in there. McDonald’s is also my comfort food so it’s a full experience crying there, like dinner and a show, except the show is you sitting in a plastic chari wondering how things went so wrong.


Order your GONZO EP right now  on iTunes.  You gotta hear it.


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