Monday May 18: Daily Links (Plus Weekend Links)

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Front Line Workers Give Belgium Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes The High Hat

They were bummed about cuts to the budget, low salaries and the bringing unqualified people to assist the nurses.

This ain’t the cold shoulder. This is a deep freeze.

Where did New Yorkers Run To?

Mail forwarding shows the hot spots where New Yorkers fled to and of course theIr usual like Long Island and Upstate New York but also many flew south to the sunshine state.

That’s right, we’re coming Del Boca Vista baby! We’re going to be in the pool. We’re going to be in the club house. We’re going to be all over that shuffleboard court!!!


Grow up and Get These 6 Out of Your Bedrooms

You want to be a grown ass adult; then clear your bedroom of broken dressers and stop throwing clothes on that chair.

You can definitely keep those black light posters though.

Read more at applenews.

Study Shows 70% of Americans experienced moderate to severe mental distress During The Month April

For real though, what is wrong with 30% percent of you?

Read more at applenews.



Bowie and His Look Alike Sea Slugs

There’s a sea slug waiting in the sea
He’s told us not to blow it
Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile
He told me:
Let the children lose it
Let the children use it
Let all the children boogie


Snoop Dogg Sitting In His Car Listening to ‘Let it Go’ is a Definite Quarantine Mood

Well here’s a new measure for your mental state…

How have you been doing?
Not great today.
Not great like Madonna rambling in the bath?
No, more like Snoop sitting is his car listening to ‘Let it Go’

Via Twitter.


Dad Makes Quarantine Trash Day a Cosplay Adventure

This dad is killing at the father game but where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Via Twitter.

Father and Baby Take It Next Level

Is this nature or nurture? Do we finally have a family as talented as the The Will Mastin Trio?

Look them up. They were the best. Try YouTube.

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