The 5: Wendy Maybury’s Top Five Things You Need to Eat in Minneapolis Under $10

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Could there be anything more Minneapolis than getting knocked up in the Mall of America parking lot? Wendy Maybury, Twin Cities resident and proud single mother of an adorable red-headed boy, has a brand new album out. Her debut album titled “She’s Not From Around Here” takes you through her journey from that parking lot to spending several weeks getting ready for giving birth with her Southern family. She knows that every parenting decision could potentially kill her kid, which is why she sits back and unwinds with a nice big tub of ice cream and episodes of “The Biggest Loser.” Wendy may be a single mother, but she’s a force to reckon with. Her Stand Up! Records debut, “She’s Not From Around Here,” is out today, 6/26.

Wendy, has been doing stand-up for a decade, opened for Bert Kreischer and Louie Anderson, and she is the producer of “Day Drinking with Mom,” a show that offers comedy, sympathy, and some drinks to help moms relax and enjoy the rollercoaster of parenting. Soon, she will release an animated short of one of her signature bits from the album by two time Oscar award-nominated animator Bill Plympton.

Order her album on iTunes or wherever you buy audio:

To celebrate the album release, Wendy put together an essential list for those who live in Minneapolis and everyone who plans to visit once visiting places becomes a thing again. Tuck this away until you can get there, because nobody knows the best cheap eats in a city like a comedian.


Minneapolis is the place I’ve lived the longest as an adult and that’s saying something since I’ve lived in nine states and on a riverboat since graduating from college. I love this town, even if it’s cold half the year and the people are introverted. If you find yourself in Minneapolis with $10 burning a hole in your pocket and a grumbling tummy take my advice and head to these spots:

1. Punch Pizza (210 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414)

Punch is 25 years old this year and it has all the things I love – a great story, simple, tasty ingredients and they treat their people well, which means when you go you always get stellar service. This Minnesota pizzeria is so cool I love to bring tourists here to see if they can spot the secret lucky cats, usually hidden in the rafters. If you like pizza from Naples, with a thin crust and blisters, you’ll love Punch pizza. It’s wood-fired for 90 seconds in their hand tiled 800° oven. It’s warm and delicious with real tomatoes smashed with olive oil, sea salt… it’s absolutely stunning in it’s simplicity and deliciousness. It was the first place I went after giving birth and here’s a picture of my boy enjoying a pie. You can get a Napoli or Margerhrita pizza for $7.20. They have lots of locations, but my favorite is Northeast where you can grab your pizza to go and sit by the Mississippi river and people watch.

2. Maverick’s Roast Beef (1746 Lexington Ave N, Roseville, MN)

Maverick’s is utterly delicious! The roast beef is tender, perfect and they have a variety of sauces so every bite can taste like a different sandwich. (Which could be great if you’re afraid of commitment. I dated a guy once that said I would be the perfect girl if I could just look like a different person. I should have thrown one of these at him.) It’s the perfect tasty sandwich. The roast beef is just $7.79 with as many fixin’s as you like. Make sure you try the Whiskey Habanero BBQ sauce.

3. Sebastian Joe’s (107 West Franklin Ave S Minneapolis)

Ice cream and I go together like a wink and smile, so of course, my list includes a sweet treat. Sebastian Joe’s is one of my favorite made in Minnesota local ice cream joints. They used to do my favorite discount ever: which is no matter how many degrees below zero it is, that’s your discount! So on those days when you wake up and it’s -40 there’s no other place I want to go. Pictured is the raspberry chocolate, green tea, Oreo cookie scoops on top of a homemade sprinkles cone. This three scoop deliciousness will still cost under $10

4. Pinku Japanese Street Food (20 University Ave NE Minneapolis, MN)

I was made in Japan and as my parents tell me, I’ve loved Japanese food since birth. Pinku Japanese Street cuisine is one of my all-time favorites it’s also across the street from my favorite camera shop (Hey there West Photo!) so I like to kill two birds with one stone. The crispy shrimp rice is amazing and just $7. The shrimp has a little kick – and sits on a delightful little sushi rice cake. They have many other mouthwatering little bites. You can get a Sapporo and eat just enough to feel full but not enough that you feel stuffed– unless you do what I do and buy four little bites… it gives me an excuse to try everything so I usually bring friends. The staff here is top-notch, friendly, and eager to explain any ingredients you don’t recognize.

5. Mr. Santana (601 University Ave SE Minneapolis, MN).

If you *do* you want to feel stuffed for under $10… make your way to Mr. Santana. The lamb Gyro at this small deli is freaking huge and delicious. It’s near the University of Minnesota campus and is the perfect after the show, a late-night nosh. I went there once and the guy making the gyro was telling me a big long saga about how his girlfriend tried to cut his arm off, but he’s going to make babies with his new beau because babies are just so cute. If you’re into delicious food with a side of crazy-ass girlfriend stories, like I am, Mr. Santana is pretty hard to beat.

That’s a few tasty bites to get you started on your journey.

If you are in town- ask a local everyone has opinions about what’s good and they’ll give you directions to anywhere… but their house.

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