Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: June 27, 2020

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Calling all Angels! Saturday Night Live is a repeat tonight hosted by “Charlie’s Angels” star Kristen Stewart!

It’s summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime and that means that Saturday Night Live is in repeat episodes until at least the end of September, depending on how much the Coronavirus wants to cooperate. While we wait to find out which cast members are coming back, who’s been fired and who are the new hires for SNL – Season 46, we’re getting a long vacation of repeat SNL episodes. BTW, prime candidates to be leaving the SNL cast include Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant. The first two have movie careers now and Lil Baby Aidy is finding success with her Hulu series “Shrill.”

Tonight’s SNL repeat is hosted by Kristen Stewart and it originally aired on November 2nd, 2019. This was Kristen Stewart’s second time hosting Saturday Night Live. Her first time was back in February, 2017 during SNL – Season 42. She was an instant hit after calling out newly sworn-in President Donald Trump and flaunting her queerness at him in her monologue.

Kristen Stewart was on SNL this time to promote the latest movie version of “Charlie’s Angels“. The hit 1970’s action series was already rebooted for the big screen once before in 2000. Kristen Stewart starred in the next attempt in 2019 which was written, directed and produced by Elizabeth Banks who also co-starred in the movie. Kristen was the biggest name by far with the women starring as the new “Angels,” so it made sense that she do the promoting on SNL.

The Democratic race to be the party’s nominee for President was well underway last November and that gave the SNL writers a chance to work with a premise other than Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump while still being political. In tonight’s SNL – Cold Open, cast member Kate McKinnon kicked off this repeat episode as then-Democratic candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren at an Iowa campaign rally.

McKinnon’s Senator Warren drops some truth bombs on President Trump and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke who had just dropped out of the race for the White House, including, “I’m so bad ass. Let me know how my dust tastes, alright?” SNL‘s Elizabeth Warren also has some comments for the person who is going on to be the Democrats’ nominee. She says, “Biden, he doesn’t know how to pay for stuff. He just puts down a 50 dollar bill in the Amtrak dining car every few months.” Watch her in action tonight on this evening’s SNL encore.

Kristen Stewart takes the stage for her SNL monologue in a school girl type outfit that’s strictly for adults. Her monologue this time hosting Saturday Night Live isn’t as provocative as her first time hosting. It’s more a hodge-podge of ideas which feels like it was thrown together by several writers and who all got to contribute a premise to it. Kristen does the familiar SNL Q&A gimmick with the audience, but does a 180 with it. She also gets a visit from cast members Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney who are trying to impress their host.

This evening’s host plays a variety of characters in tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat. Kristen starts as a woman working in a bomb factory during WWII so she can do her part for the war effort. In this sketch, the Army is looking for a new poster model to inspire other women to pitch in. In the factory, the Army brass meet Rosie the Riveter, Donna the Bombshell Shiner and Barb, Norma and Dot; the Slug-Thumpers played by Aidy Bryant, Kristen Stewart and Kate McKinnon. The Slug-Thumpers are ball bustin’ gals with Hitler murder fantasies who are ready to go nude for the war effort.

On tonight’s repeat, the host also plays a jury foreman where deliberations have gone on too long and the jurors are having trouble with their stomachs rumbling. If you can’t make it out, their bellies are grumbling to the tune of “Pony” by Ginuwine. K-Stew also plays a pansexual woman hitting on a couple at a bar who are more interested in their bar food, which they brought from home. And Kristen Stewart along with Beck Bennett play an elderly couple who ruin a stargazing hike for a group of astronomy buffs by telling them pornographic stories about the constellations.

Most of these sketches aren’t worth spending an hour and a half on during this SNL replay. However, there’s one sketch that is the exception tonight and that’s titled “New Paint“. Beck Bennett and Kristen Stewart play a couple with a new baby visiting Beck’s sister played by Aidy Bryant. It’s up to you decide if Aidy’s character’s name is named Beth or Charlotte. Or is “Beth” somehow short for “Charlotte”!?

The sketch is half parody spot for a house paint called “Farrow & Ball” and half soap opera scene. “Farrow & Ball” house paint is a very pricey brand of paint from England and Aidy’s character is obsessed with it’s rich “colour”. Yes, the British spelling with a “u”. This SNL sketch breaks the record for the amount of times the word “colour” comes up in a Saturday Night Live bit. The sketch is hilarious and Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett’s timing together is “superiour. ”

There’s also a sketch in tonight’s rerun that does something SNL use to do a lot back in the 70’s and that’s doing sketches that don’t include the host. The sketch is called “Hero Dog Press Conference” and Kristen Stewart is nowhere to be found in it. It’s based on the military operation that took out the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Kate McKinnon plays White House adviser Kellyanne Conway in this press conference sketch and fellow cast member Cecily Strong takes the stage with a German Shepherd. The dog is playing “Conan the K-9 Commando” who helped in the operation and Cecily Strong plays the Army’s Dog Interrupter. “Conan the K-9 Commando” takes questions from reporters and Cecily Strong translates his answers.

Like any press conference, there’s questions about some controversial topics and Conan cops to humping legs “without consent” and wearing “cat-face” as part of a past Halloween costume. Hopefully since this sketch did not require a host, they’ll try it again someday. This episode was certainly not the best one of SNL – Season 45, so Lorne Michaels definitely had some guts to try a live sketch with a large dog on a show where the gags weren’t going over very well to begin with.

Kristen Stewart did show up in both SNL Shorts on this show. In the first short of the night, K-Stew plays a woman who doesn’t know how to talk to kids, so she gets the new app, “Duolingo For Talking To Children.” It turns her world around to be able to talk to children without coming off as a weirdo. Watch for Aidy Bryant’s reactions in this short. Priceless.

The second short of the night is a music video for a song called “Corporate Nightmare Song.” It’s a song featuring Kristen Stewart as part of a group of young people stuck working in an office, but insisting that they won’t be corporate sell-outs. That is, until she gets recommended for the management training program. Cast members Mikey Day, Kyle Mooney, and Pete Davidson join Kristen Stewart as the rebellious, tattooed and pierced members of the younger generation. You’ll notice that Pete Davidson is the only one who did not have to report to Hair & Makeup for this short.

On Weekend Update, the lead story is when Donald Trump announced he was changing his legal residency from New York City to Florida because NYC is always mean to him. Anchormen Colin Jost & Michael Che have a lot fun teasing the orange crybaby about his move. Che talks about Trump getting booed everywhere he goes including at a UFC Fight and at the World Series. Michael Che added, “Now he’s moving to Florida, so he can probably get booed at Disney World.”

This story is a perfect example of how Michael Che has made the Weekend Update chair his own. Talking about Donald Trump changing his official residence to Florida, Che says, “You’ve got to be a special kind of guy for New Yorkers to unanimously hate you. We put up with a lot of bad people. Just today, I had a fella yell the n-word at me on the subway with a hard E-R. But even still, I don’t hate him. I just finished peeing and switched cars.”

In other news, Colin Jost discusses Trump Cyber Security Adviser Rudy Giuliani getting locked out of his own iPhone. Jost says, “Of course Giuliani’s iPhone wouldn’t unlock. Even Apple’s Face ID couldn’t recognize the man Rudy has become.” This line gets the biggest applause break on Weekend Update tonight.

Other topical items covered by Weekend Update include Congress voting on the Trump Impeachment inquiry, Beto O’Rourke ending his bid for the White House, the California wildfires, the Jeffrey Epstein murder and / or suicide conspiracy, Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All plan, the foie gras ban in New York City, the sighting of a 2,000 pound shark, new emojis, the “Joker” staircase becoming a tourist attraction, the University of Arizona changing its nickname, and a 67 year old woman giving birth in China. It’s that last story that gives us a deep, behind-the-scenes look at Michael Che’s writing process.

Cast member Melissa Villaseñor debuts a new Weekend Update character on this evening’s repeat SNL. She plays 5 year old kid genius Riley Jenson who turns out not to be quite the genius her mother (cast member Heidi Gardner) promotes her as being. Little Riley bombs on Update. It’s what you wish would happen to every so-called “kid genius” who gets forced on TV by their parents.

This repeat episode of Weekend Update also features the return of the proprietors of “Smokery Farms”, sisters Wylene & Vaneta Starkie played by Kate McKinnon & Aidy Bryant. The Smokery Farms gals are worried that meat consumption is down because of videos of cute and genius animals going viral. They’re back on Weekend Update to declare that their meat baskets are made only from animals that are “verified to be stupid, bad, rude and talent-free.” Their gift basket includes “a duck who ran around with his thing hanging out” and a pig who was “found eatin’ turds.”

There are three promos for you to enjoy below for tonight’s repeat Saturday Night Live hosted by Kristen Stewart. The first one is a two minute long highlight reel of Kristen Stewart hosting Saturday Night Live in the past. You’ll notice that the clips are a little longer. Mainly because Kristen Stewart has only hosted SNL one time before tonight’s rerun.

The next promo is a battle for Saturday Night Live supremacy between host Kristen Stewart and cast member Kate McKinnon. A thumb war will settle it once and for all. If only our presidential election could be handled the same way. Small hands wouldn’t stand a chance in a thumb war!

Our third and final promo for this SNL encore presentation has host Kristen Stewart joined by musical guest Coldplay and cast member Beck Bennett. The group pose for a photo for a really long time and try to figure out the complexities of Daylight Saving Time. It’s not that difficult, and since it’s summer, don’t bother worrying about it.

Kristen Stewart hosts an encore presentation of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Coldplay. Watch for the band to do plenty of audience interaction tonight. In fact, during the monologue and the first musical number, it’ll be fun to figure who’s actually in the audience and who’s performing. Tonight’s SNL replay begins at 11:30pm et on NBC!

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