Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: August 1, 2020

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Tonight, it’s not just any old SNL rerun. It’s a repeat of the Saturday Night Live At Home Season Finale hosted by Kristen Wiig!

When SNL Executive Producer Lorne Michaels came to Kristen Wiig to be the surprise host on the Saturday Night Live Season 45 Finale, she had a lot of responsibility. Not only was it the last show of the season, it was also the last “SNL At Home” show of the year, so Kristen had to figure out what she could do from her apartment without going into the studio.

This evening’s repeat episode of SNL originally aired on May 9, 2020 which meant it was also the Mother’s Day show as well. Plus, it was deep into the worldwide Covid Pandemic (which is still happening for those that don’t know), so it was a lot of hats to wear being the host.

Kristen Wiig didn’t shy from the task. She literally jumped right in as you’ll see tonight in Saturday Night Live‘s encore presentation of the SNL At Home – Season 45 Finale. This evening will be the third time that this particular SNL episode has aired, so Lorne and NBC must really love it.

As mentioned, Kristen Wiig was a surprise host. For whatever reason, Saturday Night Live kept all the SNL At Home hosts a secret until the show actually aired. In her monologue portion, done from her apartment, Kristen used her time to sing, scream and dance for us. She also talked about the importance of mothers and her own mom. And best of all, thanks to the magic of pixels, she showed off her “biscuits.”

This episode of SNL At Home kicks off with something that a lot of families had to deal with during the pandemic. A virtual graduation. The SNL Cold Open was a Zoom type graduation ceremony for the fictional Saint Mary Magdalene By-The-Expressway High School Class of 2020 with cast member Kate McKinnon serving as principal.

Alec Baldwin helped out this SNL At Home episode by returning to play President Donald Trump, the commencement address speaker. He was the 8th choice as selected by the students. He garnered one single vote from the student body. Trump got the gig because the previous 7 choices who beat him out either declined or were fictional.

Being the Mother’s Day episode as well as the SNL season finale, there was plenty of mom material. One highlight was a homemade music video for a new pandemic anthem. The song was dedicated to all the moms out there (and the dads) who were quarantining and home-schooling their precious offspring. The song led by cast member Beck Bennett, is called “Let Kids Drink.” Watch for some cameos in this SNL Short as you resist the urge to let your own kids drink to dull the pain of this never ending virus nightmare.

Other Mother’s Day themed comedy you’ll see in tonight’s SNL replay include a Mother’s Day church service on Zoom where the Pastor (cast member Kenan Thompson) of the Mount Methusela Baptist Church cannot get his congregation to come together on when to use the mute feature. There’s also a Mother’s Day version of the game show sketch “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” hosted by Elliott Pants, again expertly played by cast member Kenan Thompson.

Even the musical guests in tonight’s repeat added a Mother’s Day touch to the show. Boyz II Men with special guest Babyface perform a sweet rendition of “A Song for Mama” which is introduced by cast member and SNL head writer Michael Che. The Weekend Update anchorman had a devastating loss during the early days of the pandemic when his grandmother Martha who helped raise him, passed away from the virus. Che dedicates the song to Martha and a montage of photos of the cast members with their mothers appears on screen during the performance.

These SNL At Home episodes basically turned into a home talent show for the Saturday Night Live cast members. Each one would sing or do impressions for their individual portion of the show. Cast member Pete Davidson turned in a lot of home rap videos during the quarantine. This episode is no different when he does a rap video salute to actor Danny Trejo.

Featured player Chloe Fineman teamed up with cast member Melissa Villaseñor to show off their celebrity impressions in another round of the “MasterClass: Quarantine Edition” sketch. In this evening’s repeat, Chloe plays “Fleabag” star Phoebe Waller-Bridge with a class on journaling and she impersonates Britney Spears teaching “something.” While Melissa Villaseñor pulls off a very well done John Mulaney impression as he teaches “suits.”

Cast member Aidy Bryant lets her imagination go a little too far as a children’s show host in a sketch called “Eleanor’s House“. Her imaginary friends are downright frightening. Cast member Kyle Mooney does a weird short called “Beer Money” where he plays several different versions of himself. And cast member Kate McKinnon brings us a new character in tonight’s repeat, a bearded lighthouse keeper named Phineas Gale in sketch called “A Lighthouse Keeper’s Isolation Tips.”

If you’re stuck at home with your kids, you might as well put them to work. At least that was the philosophy of cast member Mikey Day who did a video sketch with his real life 7 year old son. The sketch is called “Kid Prank Video” and it’s about a kid named Brandon who plays vicious and painful gags on his “corny ass dad” for his YouTube show.

Host Kristen Wiig stars in sketch in tonight’s repeat that gives us a brand new Kristen Wiig SNL character. It’s a sketch about home hair care during the quarantine. Kristen plays a woman with her own vlog called “Bouncy Waves with PJ Charnt.” If you like people dangling their hair into a camera, you’ll love this one.

The highlight of the sketches tonight is the return of a character from cast member Heidi Gardner. Her annoying character “Deirdre” is back. This character first showed up in sketch last season during SNL – Season 44 when James McAvoy hosted. They were the couple who couldn’t quit saying the word “‘Nawlins” after a two day trip to New Orleans.

This time Deirdre has a new boyfriend, Ripley, played by the legendary Martin Short. “‘Nawlins” is out and “Italia!” is in. Deirdre and Ripley are back from the then-epicenter of the global virus outbreak Italy where they were in “la Quarantina” and they just had to share it with all their friends on a Zoom call.

The final sketch of the night is a sweet, get well soon card to New York City. The cast members all dream about New York City and the way it use to be before the Coronavirus and the way it will be again some day. The sketch is appropriately called “Dreams” and it’s set to the music of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.”

In this repeat episode of SNL At Home, the Weekend Update boys, Colin Jost and Michael Che having finally figured out their homemade comedy formula for the news segment. The regular Weekend Update backdrop is back and the Zoom laughers in the background are gone. Their top story tonight is Donald Trump and the Coronavirus. It’s both because when this show originally aired a White House valet who serves Trump his Big Macs had just tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Other Coronavirus news stories covered by Weekend Update in tonight’s SNL At Home rerun included Jost talking about President Trump’s visit to a mask factory and Michael Che discussing minorities being arrested in NYC for not social distancing. Che goes back to his “getting drunk while delivering the news” gimmick which he’s done in previous SNL shows this season, when the Coronavirus first became topical.

The Weekend Update news team also discusses the woman leveling sexual allegations against Joe Biden, the Twitter feud between Axl Rose and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, NYC subway cleanings, Panda Express employees experiencing racism because of Covid-19, ESPN broadcasting South Korean baseball games, Tom Cruise’s plans to film a movie on the International Space Station, Elon Musk’s unusual name for his new baby, a Miss Hitler beauty pageant, the Chicago Bulls documentary “The Last Dance” and a man exposing himself at a Vermont Dunkin’ Donuts.

Jost and Che also make sure to do their signature season finale bit on this last Weekend Update of SNL – Season 45. They make each other read jokes that the other one has not seen in advance. Also, cast member Cecily Strong visits Weekend Update on a video call as Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro.

The SNL Season Finale cameo that fans on social media were most excited to see was Tina Fey dropping in remotely to Weekend Update. The former Weekend Update anchor talks to Michael Che about the Coronavirus, social isolation and quarantining with her children. Tina also has a special Mother’s Day prayer for moms everywhere.

There’s one quick promo for tonight’s SNL repeat below if you’d like to enjoy it all over again. It’s a blooper reel featuring the SNL cast trying to figure out how to do a 90 minute network variety show from home. Poor Heidi Gardner. That looked like it really hurt.

Kristen Wiig hosts an encore presentation of the Saturday Night Live – Season 45 Finale and Mother’s Day Show with musical guests Boyz II Men featuring Babyface, tonight at 11:30 pm et on NBC!

Programming Note! NBC is carrying the return of NHL Hockey tonight, so if the prime time Game 1 qualifier between the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins runs late, so will SNL.

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