Tuesday September 15: Daily Links

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Elon Musk Vs Bill Gates

If there is anything that we can all agree on it’s that a Bill Gates is dumb as shit

Has ever done anything with his life?

Read more at cnn.

Did Ghislaine’s Father Robert Maxwell bankroll Epstein ?

One thing that people are curious about is how did a former school teacher end up owning townhouses an island and a plane?

Did Jeffrey Epstein get money from Ghislaine’s Daddy?

Did he get the chance to see Cuties?

Read more at thesun.com.

Manhattan’s New Skyscraper Opens In Ghost town Midtown

In New York City real estate it’s always about location location location . It’s also about timing timing timing.

Because of covid covid covid.

Read more at yahoo.com.

Congrats Matt Drudge! You’re Been Categorized As Fake News!

Donald Trump has declared super conservative Matt Drudge Fake News:

You’ve finally made it, Matt. Congrats. Maybe it’s time for a site upgrade.

Read more at ibtimes.

The Amazon Work Force Is About To Hit One Million

With the boom in online shopping due to the pandemic, Amazon has had to go on a hiring spree to keep up with demand and they’re about to break one million employees. And not one of them is allowed to take a bathroom break.

Read more at yahoo.

Your Weather App Knows Where You Are and Doesn’t Care About Your Privacy

Maybe delete you apps and just look out the damn window. Or you can always check Instagram for David Lynch’s Daily Weather Report

Read more at gizmodo.


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Certified Young Person Paul Rudd Schools the Kids on Wearing A Mask

Wait, don’t most millennials have kids now?

Either way, listen to your friend Paul Rudd. He’s a cool dude.

Via digg.

Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband’s Family Buys Ad During ‘Dancing With the Stars’

His family just wants answers.

Carole just wants to nail her pachanga routine.

Read more at pagesix.com.

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Gripping Food with Force Is a New Meme Twitter Account That Borders Satisfying and Disgusting

Do you find it appealing to watch people squeeze foods till they smoosh and/or burst? Have we gotta twitter account for you.

Some people just want to watch the world burn…

Read more at vice.com.

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Wanna Lose Weight? Get Some Sleep

You won’t eat right or exercise but did you know that getting decent sleep could help you shed the lbs?

Chris Stanley sleeps 19 hours a night.

Read more at inverse.com.

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