Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: October 17, 2020

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SNL is live tonight with a new Saturday Night Live hosted by “Insecure” creator and star Issa Rae!

We are currently in the middle of 5 new shows in a row for Saturday Night Live which committed prior to the season premiere to bringing live episodes all the way through Halloween. Tonight is the 3rd show of SNL‘s new season and it’s hosted by a first-time Saturday Night Live host, Issa Rae.

You may know Issa Rae from any television awards show because she’s constantly being nominated in any category that honors excellence. Of course you know her HBO comedy “Insecure.” It’s the reason for all that awards show attention on Issa Rae.

This year, “Insecure” wrapped up its 4th season and there’s good news; a 5th season is on its way. “Insecure” is Issa Rae’s brainchild. It was developed for HBO by Issa and Larry Wilmore (Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show“) and it’s based on Issa Rae’s highly successful and critically acclaimed web series “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl.”

The perfectly titled HBO comedy “Insecure” stars Issa Rae as “Issa” who along with her best friend (now ex-best friend after season 4) Molly played by Yvonne Orji, try to navigate through life and all the treacherous pit falls an African-American woman has to face in the 21st century.

The comedy series is not focused on major social injustices, although they can play a part. It’s about the real life struggles that someone who is black and female faces just to get through the day. “Insecure” is about relationships. Not just the romantic ones. Friendships get tested and family relations are not always easy. You know. Just like real life.

Accolades have poured in for “Insecure” during its first 4 seasons on HBO. In 2017, it was named one of the Top 10 TV Programs of the Year by the American Film Institute. The show has brought home two Golden Globe nominations for its star and creator, Issa Rae in 2017 and 2018. And this year alone, Season 4 of “Insecure” garnered 8 Primetime Emmy nominations including nods for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Issa Rae which was her second nomination in that category.

Besides Season 5 of “Insecure“, Issa Rae is also currently working on her co-starring role in the film “Vengeance” which is described as a horror, mystery thriller starring, written and directed by B.J. Novak of “The Office” fame. “Vengeance” is due out next year. Hopefully, we’ll have a vaccine by then because humanity is also due out next year.

Tonight on Saturday Night Live, like the first two shows this season, SNL is sure to focus on the Presidential Election on this episode as well. There’s so many different angles with the campaign along with Trump and Biden, it gives Saturday Night Live plenty to work with for tonight’s SNL – Cold Open.

If Alec Baldwin is back tonight as Donald Trump, SNL may be able to do an opening sketch where they cut back and forth between Trump and Biden’s separate town hall events. Usually a host doesn’t appear in the cold open, but it would be great to see Issa Rae as the annoying, red-masked nodding woman who was in the background at Trump’s town hall, noticeably nodding her head up and down along with everything the President said, and sometimes even before he said it.

Also, SNL could do an opener focusing on Donald Trump emerging from his Covid diagnosis and White House seclusion like a zombie president who can’t be hurt and going back on the road to host more #superspreader events. Where, for some reason, he was blaring the gay anthem “Macho Man” by the Village People at his MAGA rallies. Watch for Weekend Update to mention that fun fact.

Along with Trump dealing with Covid19, Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che may also have something to say about the story claiming that Trump wanted to leave the hospital, tear open his shirt and display a Superman t-shirt underneath. And how exactly did they determine this man was fit to leave the hospital and go back to running the free world!?

Trump’s 14 year old son Barron also contracting the Coronavirus according to the First Lady, might be mentioned on SNL tonight, but it’s doubtful. We’ll see if SNL continues its mostly unspoken policy of not making fun of underage presidential offspring which went into effect in 1992 after cast members Mike Myers and Dana Carvey made a joke about then-12 year old First Daughter Chelsea Clinton. After then-First Lady Hillary Clinton complained about it, Mike Myers ended up writing an apology letter and sending it to the White House.

Other political stories that could make it onto SNL tonight in one form or another include Trump suggesting that President Obama didn’t actually kill 9-11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, but staged it instead by killing a body-double, plus, Senator Kamala Harris having to leave the campaign trail after a couple of aides on her staff tested positive for the Coronavirus and Dr. Fauci, the nation’s lead doctor on the pandemic and Federal Employee of the Month, complaining that his words were taken out of context in a Trump campaign ad.

Also, SNL may decide to parody Judge Amy Coney Barrett going through her Senate hearings and hazing ritual, with Louisiana Senator John Kennedy comparing the hearings to the Creature Cantina scene in “Star Wars.” Note to SNL; former cast member Molly Shannon would make a great Judge Barrett.

Other items in this very full news week that SNL might play with tonight on Weekend Update could include the Dems crushing the GOP in fundraising by A LOT, the Covid19 virus wreaking havoc on the NFL and its schedule, Alabama head coach Nick Saban being diagnosed with the Covid and then suddenly testing negative as we got closer to kickoff, the Lakers winning the NBA Championship, the new M&M’s flavored Coffee-Mate creamer, a 300 lb. bear being spotted at a New Jersey Wawa, Columbus Day competing with Indigenous Peoples Day and the man in India who was presumed dead until he woke up in his family’s freezer.

The promos for this evening’s brand new Saturday Night Live are available below. We can count on Jim Carrey returning to play former Veep Joe Biden tonight. That’s because SNL re-released their promo featuring Jim Carrey suiting up to play Mighty Joe Biden with new voice-over work discussing Biden’s town hall. So who from SNL cast will get to play ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos!?

The next promo incorporates Saturday Night Live and NBC’s strict Covid protocols. Maybe you’ve noticed that now, in SNL – Season 46, the promos are much less complicated. The host is no longer appearing in short comedy scenes with an SNL cast member to announce the show. Now all we get are the standard Saturday Night Live two-shot promos filmed on the SNL Studio 8-H stage. In our second promo, we don’t even get a cast member along with the host and musical guest because of social distancing.

In this promo, host Issa Rae is standing with tonight’s musical guest Justin Bieber who is making his 4th appearance performing on Saturday Night Live. His latest single release “Holy” featuring Chance the Rapper, just hit #1 in downloads. In the promo, Issa and Justin are well protected in their PPE and we’ll have to take Justin’s word for it, but he claims to be very happy being back on SNL with Issa Rae hosting.

Insecure” star (wait, that doesn’t sound right), the star of “Insecure“, (much better) Issa Rae hosts an all new Saturday Night Live for her first time tonight with musical guest Justin Bieber. SNL begins for the entire country this evening after your local news at 11:30pm et, live coast-to-coast on NBC!

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