Friday November 27: Daily Links

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FRIDAY 11.27



Disney Laying Off 32,000

Well no one at Disney gives a shit that the vaccine is on way since these lay offs are planned for March.

Let’s all just go to Dollywood.


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Johnny Manziel Says Off Field Antics Cost Him Teammates Respect

Johnny Manziel admits that during his time with the Browns, his off the field antics cost him the respect of his teammates. Missing wide open receivers and losing games will also get you uninvited to post-game hangouts.


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David Fincher Ain’t Easy To Watch a Movie With

Brad Pitt described movie nights with Fincher as intense and like watching a football game with Bellichick. Stephen Soderberg said Fincher watches movies with a laser pointer to demonstrate mistakes the filmmaker made.

Hey Dave. We get it. You understand film but mind if we watch the fuckin movie?


Read more at slashfilm.

JLo Bare Assed

Jennifer Lopez was trying to bring some attention to her new album and damn if it didn’t work.

Is the album called ‘Big Ass?’

Read more at pagesix.

Morgan Wallen Gets Second Chance To Perform On SNL

Two months after being caught partying without following COVID guidelines, country star Morgan Wallen will perform on Saturday Night Live December 5th. Until then, Wallen plans to go to bars in a plastic bubble.

Read more at tmz.

Halle Berry Responds To Actress’ Claims She’s Not Good In Bed

Halle Berry had a simple response to actress LisaRaye McCoy’s claim that the Oscar winner isn’t good in bed: ‘Ask my man Van Hunt – he’ll tell ya all y’all need ta know’.

McCoy need to rent a forklift to get her jaw off the floor.

Read more at yahoo.

Elizabeth Berkley Says She Was A Pariah In Hollywood After Showgirls

Elizabeth Berkley said that she was bullied after Showgirls bombed. “I was bullied. And I didn’t understand why I was being blamed. The job as an actor is to fulfill the vision of the director. And I did everything I was supposed to do,” she said. The experience was life changing.

A horrifically unsexy sex scene in a pool will have that effect on people.

Read more at toofab.

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Grinch Steals Kid’s Christmas

Well this prank wouldn’t even look good on paper. Hope you had fun Grinch because
you are going to be paying shrink bills for next 20 years.

Via digg.

Little Girl Saves Shark

This is so sweet until this shark grows up and chews up the Kitner kid.

She should have crushed it with a brick.


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