Sunday November 22: Daily Links

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SUNDAY 11.22



Major Real Estate Developers Going All In on NYC

New York is dead and never coming back? Well the future is more really big building with people crammed together!

Future so bright I gotta wear shades!

Read more at nypost.

Sturgis Being Blamed For Covid-19 Spike In Minnesota !

Hey Minnesota be easy on yourself. It’s not your fault. It’s fucking South Dakota! The CDC says
“The motorcycle rally was held in a neighboring state that did not have policies regarding event size and mask use, underscoring the implications of policies within and across jurisdictions.”

At least they got to see Smash Mouth!

Read more at mediaite.

Dr. Fauci Assures us Santa Claus is Immune to Covid

If your kids are worried about Santa Claus being a super spreader, you can tell them Dr. Fauci says Santa is immune.

I don’t care what Fauci says, that fat man better be wearing a mask when he squeezes down that chimney.


Neon Green Sinkhole Appears in Seattle

Looks like we just found the secret of the ooze, eh???

Read more at nypost.

AI Is Making Creepily Real Looking People Now

Take a look at these faces – they’re not actually real people, they’ve been created by AI businesses that make fake humans. Between this and robot dogs, the human race is in deep trouble.


Sean Payton Is Gambling On Taysom Hill Being The Next Saints Franchise QB

Sources close to Sean Payton are saying he’s starting Taysom Hill today because he “just wants to know” if Hil has what it takes to be the Saints next franchise QB. This must really be hurting Crab Legs feelings right now.

The Rock Won’t Concede Sexist Man Alive Title

2019 winner Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson congratulated Michael B. Jordan on being named People Magazine’s Sexist Man Alive for 2020, but jokingly added in a tweet, ‘I concede nothing’. The Rock is hoping that a Florida recount puts him over.

Read more at deadline.


Mark David Chapman’s Signed John Lennon Album Being Auctioned

Really Mark? You didn’t even keep the album? Then what was this all for?

You shit eating eating fuck stick.


Sexiest Man Alive Joins Only Fans

Michael B. Jordan is the sexiest man alive according to People Magazine and now he is Joining Only Fans.

This better not just be cheesecake shots of your abs. We need something to get us through 2020, Michael B!


Hot Mic Insults Euphoria Star

Euphoria star Loukas Gage shared the moment a director insulted his apartment on Zoom, thinking he was on mute.

Well that was cringey, but at least he wasn’t masturbating!

Ringo’s Grandson, Liam Gallagher’s Son Charged In Brawl

Sonny Starkey, grandson of Ringo Starr and Liam Gallagher’s son Gene and model Noel Ponte all plead not guilty to charges stemming a fight at a London convenience store last year. The trio allegedly fought with a security guard after trying to buy beer after the store’s curfew. Sorry kids, the get out of jail free card only applies to actual rock stars.

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When a Gator Got Your Puppy

Just another day in Florida. Taking the puppy for a walk when gator snatches and takes it for a death roll.

“Fuck that noise” Yells Florida man. And never drops his cigar.

Read more at cnn.

Going To See Santa Claus This Year Is Just Not The Same

If you want to see Santa this year, you’re gonna have to do so with him behind plexiglass. So this year it’s like Santa is in prison and you’re coming by to put some cash in his commissary.


Mel Magazine Thinks This Is The Best Very Special Episode Of TV Ever

Mel Magazine is saying the episode of Degrassi where a school shooter shoots drake in the back and then gets killed himself is the most important Very Special Episode of a TV show ever. They must not have seen the Saved By The Bell where Jessie gets addicted to caffeine pills. Horrifying.


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