Thursday November 19: Daily Links

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Tyson Foods Managers Accused Of Betting On How Many Of Their Employees Would Get Covid

A wrongful death suit brought against Tyson Foods has revealed their management is being accused of taking bets on how many of their workers were testing positive for Covid. These bets were taken at an evil mountain with a chicken skull carved in the side.

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The Pig Couch is BS

You got your first apartment and you smoke weed and play video games. Big pig couch would be sweet

Not so fast,

You will get pig fished!

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Worlds Only White Giraffe Now Equipped with GPS

A rare white giraffe in Kenya now has a GPS tracker to protect her from poachers

Sounds like a real challenge for Don Jr and Eric!

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Jim Nantz Wants Romo Money Next Contract

Jim Nantz apparently wants “Romo money” to continue broadcasting NFL games for CBS. Romo is reportedly making $17.5 million a year. Nantz, be careful, you’re not the one boringly predicting quarterback plays throughout the game.


Almost All Of The Raiders Defense Is On The Covid-19 List

Due to close contact with Covid positive individuals, nearly all of the Raiders defense is now on the Covid-19 list pending negative tests. If nothing else, Jon Gruden will get out there and become a player/coach.

Stephen A. Smith Channels Florida Evans Over Knicks Draft Pick

Stephen A. Smith went into Florida Evans mode after the Knicks took power forward Obi Toppin in the NBA Draft. For the 2nd round, Smith will say, ‘What’s happening!’.

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Ramy Youssef Getting Love From Final Draft Awards

Ramy Youssef has a funny show on Hulu. Most people don’t watch Hulu. You know who does?

People that honor writing. Great job Ramy.

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Barack Obama Book Blow Out First Day Sales

Looking back Barack Obama had a pretty boring Presidency.

Sounds nice in 2020.

Sound this measured and dull? Yes please!


Why Are People Pretending Matthew McConaughey Would Run for Texas Governor

Matthew McConaughey is a movie star still in demand. Would he throw that away for anything as dumb at politics?

Do we still say “fake news” or is that played?


BBC1 Radio Will Not Be Airing The Original Version Of Fairytale Of New York

BBC1 Radio has announced they will not be airing the original version of Fairytale of New York this year during Christmas over offensive language in the song. If Shane McGowan must be turning in his grave. Wait? He’s still alive? How!?

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Charlie Brown Holiday Specials To Air On PBS

After feeling the backlash over not airing the Charlie Brown Halloween special on network TV, Apple TV cut a deal with PBS to air ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on November 22nd and ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ on December 13th. PBS is now trying to snag Baby Yoda for their pledge drive.

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Zendaya Honors First Black Supermodel For Essence Magazine Cover

For the 50th Anniversary issue of Essence, Zendaya honored Donyale Luna – fashion’s first black supermodel – by re-creating some of her most famous shots. Ebony Magazine plans to counter with Billy Porter channeling Eartha Kitt.

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Rihanna’s Bringing The Mullet Back

Rihanna is trying to make the mullet fashionable again. The pop star was spotted with the much maligned hairstyle during a recent outing in Santa Monica. Next up, Rihanna will try to give stone washed jeans some much needed attention.

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Can you Spot the Single Atom Made Visible in this Photo

Yeah, I can see it but is wearing a black and blue dress or white and gold??


more stories coming soon



Who Are the Most Problematic TV Couples

I know the youngsters read Buzzfeed, but how do you leave out Ralph and Alice Kramden?? You never saw any one on Dawson’s using domestic violence as a punchline.

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Best Second Albums That Deserve More Love

Sophomore slump isn’t easy but these bands pulled it off, whether they got credit for it not. The real lesson here : don’t make your first album so good and people won’t judge the second!

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