Thursday November 26: Daily Links

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Never Take a Dump on a Work Zoom

The New Jersey school board trustee, who became known for opposing an LGBTQ curriculum has resigned from her post after she accidentally got caught in the can during a zoom call. Frances Cogelja broadcasted that dump to 150 attendees. Just when you think someone can’t top Toobin.

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Butter Sales are up in 2020 in a Big Big Way

You may think it’s because we’ve been cooking more at home and doing a lot more baking but truthfully we’re all just eating straight sticks of butter.

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Toilet Paper Companies Say They Are Ready

Officials for Cottonelle and Scott say that they will be able to meet the high demand for toilet paper and wipes during the 2nd wave of the pandemic. They wanted to stop an outhouse comeback before it started.

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Jake Paul’s Hot GF Isn’t Happy That He’s Abstaining From Sex Before Fight

Jake Paul said his girlfriend, model Julia Rose, is pissed at him because he won’t have sex before his upcoming fight with Nate Robinson. Jake, if you don’t listen her, she’ll be banging your cut man.

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Players Pissed About Steelers Game Postponement

Chase Claypool and Juju Smith-Schuster voiced anger after finding out Thursdays Steelers-Ravens game got moved to Sunday, and this was before it even came to light that the Sunday game may be in jeopardy.

Hey don’t be so hard on them. NFL has been handling this pandemic at least as good as The White House!


George Clooney Talks About All His Wonderful Roles

George Clooney is perhaps the world’s biggest fan of George Clooney. He takes a half hour to tell us how great Clooney is.

Why didn’t he bring up Facts of Life?

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Bill Murray Lost His Brother Ed

Ed Murray was the inspiration behind the Danny Noonan character from’Caddyshack.’
He was the guy that got the Murray brothers into golf.

Much love to the Murrays. Fuck 2020.

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Pauly Shore Tweeting at Disney to Make Sequels to Encino Man and Son in Law because he Needs the Money

Pauly, maybe we can just make you a GoFundMe?

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Minnesota Woman Tapes A Drunk Squirrel

A woman filmed a tipsy squirrel outside her home in Minnesota. She quickly figured out that one of the pears she left out for ‘Lil Red’ was fermented and pulled them before the little one got too wasted. Lil Red was pissed his pre-Thanksgiving party ended early.

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Clifford The Big Red Dog Is Freaking People Out

Well there is one good thing about this ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ first look that is scaring the internet. You are adults and you don’t have to watch! Watch the porn version instead.

‘Clifford The Big Red Dick’



The New York Times Picks 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century

Everyone will hate this list because only thing America really agrees on is ‘we are smarter than this list.’ Give the Times some woke point for being diverse.

Wait, no Spiderman !?

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