Tuesday November 24: Daily Links

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First Lady Starting De Christmas

Melania is getting ready for her last Christmas in the White House.

“I’m working my ass off on the Christmas stuff, that, you know, who gives a fuck about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right? Correct?”

Now that’s the reason for the season.

Read more at vanityfair.

Why Is There a Monolith in Remote Part Of Utah!?

What the name of saddle soap and aftershave is going on in Utah? Is this Monolith going to teach
monkeys to use tools?

Please check space for a star child.

Read more at theguardian.com.

Ken Jennings, among others, Will Guest Host Jeopardy

After entire days of wondering who will be the next person to host Jeopardy its been announced that Ken Jennings has been named the first interim Jeopardy host. Guest hosted shows begin January 11.

The king of Jeopardy finally takes the throne like we all knew he would.

Read more at nypost.

QAnon Congresswoman Wants To Carry Her Gun Into The Capitol

New congresswoman Lauren Boebert wants to be able to conceal carry her handgun when she goes into the capitol. She must have seen White House Down one too many times.

Read more at dailymail

Gov. Cuomo Cancels His Thanksgiving Plans

It was found out the Governor Cuomo was having family over for Thanksgiving and now he’s been exposed and has canceled his dinner plans. The paparazzi will be going through his trash on Thursday to find out just how large a turkey he bought.

Read more at new york times.


Vanessa Hudgens Has Got an MLB Player!

Hey Vanessa, not telling what to do with your life. Next time you pick a ball player for a boyfriend
Make sure he can hit his weight.

Read more at yahoo.com.


DC Comics will Introduce First Non-Binary Superhero

Kid Quick is DC Comic’s first them/they superhero.

They’re fast, they’ve got a cool costume, and kids of all kind will love them.

Count down to the outrage from the Kid Quick has “ruined my childhood“ and “how am I supposed to explain this to my kid?” crew.

Read more at pagesix.

Everyone’s Mad At John Cleese

John Cleese is in hot water over a recent Tweet about Trans people.

With his support of JK Rowling, he should replace Johnny Depp in those Harry Potter prequels.

Read more at huffpost.

Hillbilly Elegy Is Eating More Shit, Being Called Worst Movie Of 2020

Hillbilly Elegy is getting eviscerated on Twitter so much so it’s trending for how awful everyone thinks it is. Users are also taking it upon themselves to offer up any other movies or books about Appalachia to watch and read instead. Well, now we all have to watch it – it can’t be that bad can it?

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Hammerhead And Swimmer Way Too Close

Look there is a social distance thing that is hard to follow but we always have wanted to social distance
from sharks.

Read more at dailymail.

Wawa Fight Has Expert Commentary

This guy should be calling every UFC fight from now on so Joe Rogan can concentrate on his podcast.


What are the Most Expensive Zip Codes

90210, you may have a show but you lost your touch man.

Via digg.

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