Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: November 21, 2020

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Saturday Night Live is still off tonight, but we get a great SNL repeat hosted by Bill Burr!

The writers, producers, cast and crew of Saturday Night Live are still catching their breath after a historic run of 6 straight new shows to kick off SNL – Season 46. So while the Saturday Night Live cast members recharge their batteries, we will be left in the very capable hands of an SNL rerun hosted by comedy superstar Bill Burr.

Burr who is known for his stand-up and half a dozen brilliant comedy specials came into Saturday Night Live with one of the most impressive resumés of any first time host. When Bill Burr is referred to as a “comedy superstar”, it’s about more than just his massive stand up career.

He’s also the creative and starring force behind the Netflix animated comedy hit “F is for Family.” Burr has conquered the podcast world with one of the most popular online shows there is in the podcasting game, the “Monday Morning Podcast.” He’s also become a noted comedy producer working behind the scenes with talents like Jessica Kirson, Whitney Cummings and Paul Virzi along with other comedians with his “Bill Burr Presents The Ringers” specials for Comedy Central, like Josh Adam Meyers, Gavin Matts and Punkie Johnson. BTW, Punkie is one of the new featured SNL cast members this season.

And in a year when a global pandemic is slowing everyone else down, Bill Burr is thriving with a critically praised role in the film “The King of Staten Island.” Meanwhile over on streaming platform Disney+, Burr became a fan favorite as the former Imperial sharpshooter turned mercenary named “Mayfeld” on the smash hit “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian.” It’s not every comedian / actor who can work with both Pete Davidson and Baby Yoda.

When this episode of Saturday Night Live originally aired on October 10, 2020, SNL and political fans both were still curious about the variety series’ decision to bring in comic legend Jim Carrey to play then-presidential candidate former Veep Joe Biden. Carrey had debuted his Biden impression the week before on the Saturday Night Live Season Premiere in the cold open. And even though the Presidential Campaign was speeding up, the cold open that night ran too long and the whole gimmick ended up being kind of meh.

As the SNL Cold Open begins in tonight’s repeat, it’s clear that the introductory sketch is going to focus on the Vice-Presidential running mates, Senator Kamala Harris, played by SNL alum Maya Rudolph and sitting VP Mike Pence, impersonated by current cast member Beck Bennett. The setting for the SNL Cold Open is the Vice-Presidential Debate which had happened earlier in the week and handed the SNL writers’ room an easy layup of a punchline.

Tonight’s cold opener allows cast member Kate McKinnon to add one new impersonation to her impressive list of impressions. Kate plays VP Debate moderator Susan Page from USA Today and serves as the straight-man (for lack of a better comedy term) for Maya and Beck’s characters.

This debate sketch was filled with the regular gags you’d expect from SNL; Kamala Harris scolding Pence for interrupting her, the VP stalling and avoiding questions and Senator Harris’ reaction shots. But the moment that lit social media on fire during the actual debate which SNL milked as their punchline, was a fly landing on Mike Pence’s head and staying put for several minutes.

Like several fans suggested on their social platforms, Saturday Night Live parodied the fly moment by going back and using several tropes from the 1986 Jeff Goldblum horror hit film, “The Fly,” with Jim Carrey’s version of Joe Biden becoming the fly on Pence’s head. SNL even uses poorly photoshopped clips from the film with Joe Biden’s face placed on Jeff Goldblum’s naked body. Sure, it would have been easier to Deepfake that shit, but SNL wanted it to be painfully obvious what they were making fun of in the cold open. Carrey uses his trademark overly-animated body movements and impersonation ability to go from Biden to “full Goldblum” tonight.

It’s always a welcomed sight to see a true comedian being introduced as the host of Saturday Night Live. It gives you hope for a very funny episode. And Bill Burr is one of 4 actual stand up comedians to host Saturday Night Live so far this season, and that’s only 6 episodes into the new SNL year.

In tonight’s repeat SNL, Bill Burr takes the stage, removes his facial mask and trades it with the stage manager for a handheld microphone, something all the stand ups have been doing when performing their SNL monologues. Notice that the actors, athletes and singers who host the show never use the wireless handheld mics in their SNL monologues.

Bill Burr’s monologue is definitely the highlight of this Saturday Night Live show. The master comedian was as hilarious as he was controversial with his comments. Burr starts out discussing the NBC Covid19 guidelines, and he follows that by wading into the “wear-a-mask” or “don’t-wear-a-mask” debate by oddly enough, not taking sides.

Tonight’s SNL host is thrilled that there are idiots dumb enough not to listen to the “egghead” scientists and are willing to kill off their own bloodline, including “your grandparents” and “your weak cousin with the asthma.” Burr calls Covid19 a “dream come true” because the dumb people won’t be around to reproduce. He then takes an immediate left turn out of his Covid19 material and into a recent news story that makes him gleefully proclaim that “New York is back!”

Next Burr gets into the state of America’s “Cancel Culture.” Not every punchline lands, but he’s going gangbusters. He does that by discussing “white women” and the Woke Movement. It’s absolutely amazing how Bill Burr can take on topics that other personalities get burned on, but he can navigate his way through the fire and not only come out unscathed, but also come across as adorably hilarious and earning applause breaks from the SNL audience at the same time.

Burr’s monologue runs a little longer than most SNL monologue segments, as it should when Saturday Night Live lets a host run with his or her talents. Our host for this evening’s rerun also works in a quick plug for his highly praised co-starring performance in Judd Apatow’s 2020 dramatic comedy, “The King of Staten Island.” Then he gets right back into talking about New York City and how it’s changed since he was last here.

If you believe Bill Burr’s stand up, you’ll find out that he just recently learned that the month of June is Gay Pride Month. He talked about the inequality between Gay Pride Month and Black History Month and puts out a suggestion that black people and gay people are both gonna love. And like a true comedian, after another applause break, Bill Burr wraps his SNL monologue by saying “that’s all my time.” If for no other reason at all, tune into tonight to Saturday Night Live just to watch Bill Burr’s monologue one more time. And future SNL hosts take notice. That’s how it’s done.

The meat of the show gets started tonight with a sketch about dealing with the pressures of self-quarantining in these trying times which takes place at a mid-pandemic, socially distant neighborhood get-together that goes horribly wrong. It’s “unpresidented!” Next host Bill Burr plays a sports talking head in a sketch about a sports talk show that turns systemic racism in America into comedy. Please avoid this one if you’re a fan of Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In another sketch on tonight’s show, host Burr plays a mob boss, Don Pauley, who just got out of the joint after doing a 20 year stretch. (mob talk is fun). And he now finds himself in a world of political correctness and he’s not prepared for everyone in his gang now being so woke. Please avoid this sketch if you’re a fan of Jamie Kennedy and or even more so if you are actually Jamie Kennedy.

We’ve got two SNL Shorts to enjoy in tonight’s Best Of show. In the first SNL Short of the night, cast member Beck Bennett plays an actor named Benjy from the fictional Nintendo TV series, “The Bodies” who posts an anti-Trump video that isn’t received well. Especially by one of the A-List actors he challenges while he’s recording. The second SNL Short on this evening’s repeat is a parody spot for “Sam Adams Jack-O Pumpkin Ale“. It’s a taste-test spot for the new Sam Adams product which is being tested by “real Bostonians.” Bill Burr shines in this spot and lets his natural upbringing take over as he plays a Beantown local who hates the beer almost as much as he loves giving his son crap.

The top story in tonight’s rerun edition of Weekend Update from October 10, 2020 is President Trump’s release from the hospital after contracting the Covid19 virus. Weekend Update anchormen Colin Jost and Michael Che are all over this story including what Jost considers to be suspicious video released of President Trump allegedly from outside the White House. Jost proclaims, “It looks like you’re shooting a commercial for a Staten Island wedding venue.”

Michael Che adds to the story by saying, “I’m not got to say I’m disappointed (by Trump’s survival), but it kinda feels like when there’s a car crash and the only survivor is the drunk driver.” As factual and funny as that line is, it elicited a harsh round of moans from the SNL studio audience.

The Weekend Update news team has plenty of other Trump news to report on tonight including his #Superspreader campaign rallies, the President’s Covid treatment, and Trump’s medical evaluation on Fox News. This led to Colin Jost introducing another new Kate McKinnon character, Dr. Wayne Wenowdis, a medical expert commenting on Trump’s condition.

Looking a lot like a genderbending Albert Einstein, who answers most of Jost’s questions with the reply, “Wenowdis” or in other words, “We know this.” The character goes so far off the rails during his/her Weekend Update appearance that the actual and quite tense Kate McKinnon materializes and begins interacting with Colin Jost.

Other topics covered by Weekend Update on tonight’s SNL rerun include Orthodox Jews protesting Covid19 restrictions in NYC, Goldman Sachs painting a rosy picture for the economy if Biden win the election, sexy hand sanitizer Halloween costumes, McDonald’s new breakfast items, Yankees legend Whitey Ford passing away, Sizzler restaurants filing for bankruptcy, scientists discovering a 50 year old great white shark, and a Pennsylvania man arrested for trying to rent a horse for sex.

This repeat edition of Update concludes with a visit to the news desk by cast member Pete Davidson who wanted to discuss “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling’s transphobic tweets and comments. Pete never gets into what Rowling actually said or tweeted, but he does lament getting a “Harry Potter” tattoo now that JK Rowling is persona non grata. Pete tears into the British author’s fantasy world that she created and does it in a very self-deprecating way calling himself ugly with all sort of names. It’s just going to make the ladies love him all the more. #CleverPete.

And in a moment that will break your heart, SNL pays tribute to the late guitar genius Eddie Van Halen at the end of the show. Saturday Night Live shows a clip of Eddie sitting in with the Saturday Night Live Band led by G.E. Smith in 1987.

Although in the history of band, Van Halen was never booked on SNL and obviously never played on the show as the musical guest. That’s a bet most people would have lost. The clip shown tonight is from February 28, 1987. The host of that show was Eddie Van Halen’s then-wife Valerie Bertinelli. As the story goes, Eddie escorted his wife to 30 Rock and was there to give her moral support as she made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live.

Eddie Van Halen went to hang out in the band room and started jamming with the Saturday Night Live Band Leader and Music Director, G.E. Smith. The two collaborated with Lenny Pickett who arranged the horns and along with the rest of the SNL Band, the trio performed what became knowns as “Stompin’ 8H” on that night’s show.

Valerie Bertinelli proudly introduced her husband that evening by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, here’s G.E. Smith and the Saturday Night Live Band with my best friend, Eddie Van Halen.” You’ll see a very short clip of that performance from ’87 at the end of tonight’s show. Unfortunately, what you won’t see is how much fun the members of the SNL Band had playing with EVH and the crazy applause that the audience offered up after getting a surprise they weren’t expecting and witnessing a magical SNL moment.

Tonight’s SNL musical guest is Jack White, who by the way, was a last second sub for originally scheduled musical guest, country star Morgan Wallen who blew his shot at an SNL debut after a TikTok video surfaced of him partying in a bar after attending a University of Alabama football game. Even though those specific things aren’t mentioned in the NBC Covid19 protocols, partying in a crowded bar while maskless, and yelling “Roll Tide!” at a fan-filled public event, certainly does violate them. Morgan Wallen was kindly told don’t bother coming to NYC and Lorne Michaels quickly replaced the country up-and-comer with dependable, Covid-free Jack White.

Bill Burr hosts tonight’s encore presentation of Saturday Night Live with musical guest, the guy who always follows Covid guidelines, Jack White. This evening’s Saturday Night Live repeat begins at 11:30pm et on NBC!

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