Tuesday January 12: Daily Links

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Florida Manatee With TRUMP Etched Onto Its Back

This is something you don’t see every day. A manatee with a hat slogan carved in it’s side.

Don Jr , get in here young man!

Read more at cbslocal.com.

Belichick Passes on Medal of Freedom

Bill Belichick will not go to the White House to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump. He released a statement on Tuesday saying so.

Seems out of character but we all understand if you want to play it safe and stay at home with a couple of cold cut combos.

Read more at wsj.

Viking Guy from Capitol Siege Won’t Eat

The now infamous rioter who wore the horned fur cap and painted his face is in jail, and he is refusing to eat anything because they won’t serve organic meals. At least that’s according to his mom.

You got to hand it to white people, they really come through on the stereotypes.

Read more at abc15.

Deutsche Bank Ghosts Trump

Trump’s favorite lender, Deutsche Bank, is severing all ties with him and will no longer lend him cash. He has about $300 million he owes to them in the next couple of years. If he needs some liquid funds he can always hit up some payday loan websites.

Read more at cnn.

Twitter Kicks Off 70K QAnon Accounts

After last Wednesday, Twitter kicked off about 70,000 accounts that were affiliated with QAnon from their service. Now they’re going to have to figure out how to use message boards again.

Read more at sfgate.

State of Emergency Declared In DC

Trump has declared a state of emergency in DC leading up to Biden’s inauguration. The FBI says that the new plan is for armed militia men to surround the Capitol and stop any democrats from entering.

Read more at people.com.

more stories coming soon

Another Lawmaker Tests Positive For Covid After Capitol Lockdown

A second lawmaker has tested positive for the Coronavirus after they had to be locked down during the storming of the Capitol last week. She’s blaming the republican’s who refused to wear masks while locked down in the room. They must be getting their marching orders from Q.

Read more at nbcnews.com.


NFL Tackle Makes Playoff History

Jared Veldheer played for the Indianapolis Colts and when they lost, their season was over. So
he signed with the Packers and will play this week with them.

Makes Dion look like a punk

Read more at silverandblackpride.com.

Doug Pederson to the Jets!?

The Eagles have dumped Doug ‘go for it onfourth and ten ‘ Pederson. They haven’t had a ring in that locker room since Weeb Ewbank.

New play is called New Yorky New Yorky.

Read more at nypost.

The Crimson Tide Fans Ain’t Social Distancing

The Alabama fans took to the streets to celebrate yet another National Championship. You’d think they’d be used to it by now. And you’d think they’d know there was a fucking pandemic happening.


Baldwin Still Thinks His Impression is Funny

Alec, one of the reasons we want Trump to go away is so your dumb impression goes away too.

Stephen Baldwin would be refreshing.

Chuck Norris Was At The Storming Of The Capitol

Turns out Chuck Norris was at the storming of the Capitol last week and was taking selfies with people. Thank God he didn’t get into the building there would have been no stopping him from tearing through all the Capitol police.

more stories coming soon


more stories coming soon



Twitter Debates: What Phrase Needs to Be Retired Forever

Twitter retiring beloved Internet phrases? That as not on my 2021 bingo card!!


Pilot Gets Fed Up With MAGA Crowd On Flight

The no fly list didn’t come soon enough for this pilot… and he will land the this plane in the middle of Kanas and dump you there!

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