Whormones Podcast Ep 2- Hot Girls Wanted

For the second episode of the Whormones Podcast we (Alia and Jaqi) discuss the controversial documentary, Hot Girls Wanted, which was produced by actress Rashida Jones. Hot Girls Wanted is…

Ridin the Pine Ep 56- Scopo Knows A Guy

3 Comics 2 Mics, Ryan and Erik welcome Comedian Chris Scopo. They all wrap up the NBA finals, Scopos playing days, and he tells us a couple cool stories. Enjoy!!!…

Slampig Podcast- Ep 71- Lani Lee

Lani Lee is a well known photographer, that works with Playmates and other well known models. Each picture she takes tells a story, and when I saw that I had…

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NY Giant Jason Pierre-Paul Had An Accident With Fireworks

Whenever you hear the phrase “U-Haul full of fireworks,” you just immediately assume things will not end well. And in the case of Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul, that just might be a case. Pierre-Paul himself posted a video to Instagram showing his huge stash, and Andy Slater of WINZ in Miami reports Pierre-Paul “severely injured” […]

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Fifth Teacher Implicated In Sexual Misconduct At Brooklyn’s “Horndog High”

Fifth Teacher Implicated In Sexual Misconduct At Brooklyn's "Horndog High" Sheepshead Bay’s James Madison High School, better known to tabloid readers as Horndog High, has another sex scandal on its hands, this one involving a married, 38-year-old special education teacher who allegedly had sex with a student every day for two months, and at one point drove her to a Brooklyn Comfort Inn and photographed it. The teacher, Robert Cain, is the fifth accused of sexual misconduct in six years at the school, which is so famously randy a student recorded a rap song about it. [ more › ]

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