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Joseph Wilson

This episode was recorded in London.

I first met Joseph Wilson when I performed at the Comedy Cafe in London in 2013.
We hit if off instantly and unbeknownst to me he became a avid listener of my podcast. I found out he was listening to my podcast 6 months later when he was on vacation in Peru and sent me a video he filmed at the top of Machu Pichu where he recreated and slightly mocked the opening of my podcast where I list all the fabulous places in the world I am going to take the listener. I thought the video was funny and I was very flattered he filmed it in my honor. 

This year when I got to London I got to hang out with Joseph a lot and get to know him better and today consider him a good friend. He is well dressed, has a theatrical personality, is an animated story teller and he is fun to be around. He currently holds the distinction of being the only comedian to appear on my podcast whose act I have not seen. 

Even though I have stopped drinking I had a great time going out in London with him and discovering new watering holes in the Soho district that he took me to. For me personally any British person who wears top quality embroidered cowboy shirts with sincerity is a diamond geezer in my book. 

There are many reasons to love Joseph Wilson, first and foremost is the ease and comfort he can blast out hard core funny in a laid back conversation. It is my pleasure to present to you now, the one and only Joseph Wilson.

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Scatterbrains podcast: Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D.

For the second episode of the Scatterbrains Podcast, besides promising to stop talking in the third person (seriously, no clue) I bring to you, the people, Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D. Or, as everyone else knows her, “Dr. Chauntelle.” Besides being a kickass brunch companion, her sociological research on the adult entertainment industry is significant to our ever-changing culture. Yet is highly underrated, degraded, and unfunded.


And Now For A Completely Different Kind of Asshole!

A storm is coming for all fans of adult films and it’s time to put a stop to it! Michael Weinstein, President of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF),  has been on a crazed one-man mission to force the adult industry in California to submit to a mandatory condom-only policy. On the surface this sounds perfectly rational, especially to a gay studio like Hot House, which has been a condom-only studio since our inception 20 years ago. However, further examination of Weinstein’s demands reveals that he’s also calling for the use of condoms for oral sex, dental dams for rimming, and  protective eyewear for cast and crew, just to name a few. In the end a day on the set cold look less like a porn shoot and more like an ebola containment mission.

unnamed14 450x450 And Now For A Completely Different Kind of Asshole!

Earlier this week Weinstein further enraged the gay community when he attacked men who choose to take Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) medications by referring to   Truvada as a party drug, basically slut-shaming gay men for being sexually active and taking a responsible role in their own healthcare. As if Weinstein’s actions and statements weren’t despicable enough, what’s even more shocking is that he’s using the AHF’s public funding and private donations to promote his own cause, blowing millions of dollars on billboards and media coverage that could be actually saving lives.

Take action!   Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014 Eric Paul Leue has created a  Change.org petition calling for the removal of Weinstein from AHF.   Sign it here and spread the word on social media with the hashtag #removeWeinstein to help raise awareness for this petition.

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Op-ed: Burning Books, One Word at a Time

A new movement cracks down on 50 years of LGBT culture, writes Calpernia Addams in a provocative Op-Ed for The Advocate

Screen Shot 2014 04 18 at 9.54.21 AM 450x303 Op ed: Burning Books, One Word at a Time

Calpernia Addams: “I stand against censorship. I stand against the new thought police. I stand for art and self-determination.”

To be ignorant of the past is to be forever a child. —Cicero

Some time in the early 2000s, I saw a profoundly troubling trend being born in the newly popular Live-Journal-type blogs. It later spread through Tumblr and Twitter, across our small, bright quilt of communities: an online thought police. The officers of the thought police felt deeply entitled and were intent on unraveling a half-century of LGBT community-building to insulate themselves from what has become the unendurable offense of much of today’s activism: feeling offended.

The Internet is a world of words, whether typed, superimposed on cat pictures, or spoken in videos, and decades of boundary-shattering LGBT culture have delivered up dictionaries full of scandalous language that make children — particularly those who’ve been windburned by a lifetime of hovering helicopter parents — very uncomfortable.

Right now, the endless flap over the gender community’s language is a hot topic, with RuPaul’s televised shemale and tranny games highlighting the question of who gets to say what in our balkanized communities. The language cops, in this case conservative trans women who object to their use under any circumstance, want tranny and other such words completely banned. I understand the arguments against the insult, but I don’t think these torch-wielders realize that transsexual women do not own the experience of gender crossing or the language created around it. Both the experience and the language have a long and hard-fought history across many groups; our history books are full of these stories. In seeking to blot out our internal language of historical words like tranny, the thought police are essentially burning books, one word at a time.

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What Subway Selfie Are You?

What Subway Selfie Are You? Do Real New Yorkers™ take subway selfies? Mayor Bill de Blasio is a Real New Yorker™ and he took a subway selfie today (on the subway), allowing another human being to aim a camera at his face (see below for proof) and capture his image in what is known as a “subway selfie.” This subway selfie set Gothamist HQ off on an intellectual quest to scientifically classify the various forms of subway selfies into 35 subspecies of self-expression for the betterment of human and selfiekind. [ more › ]

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