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Pro-Cop Rally Clashes With #BlackLivesMatter: “Get A Job!”

Pro-Cop Rally Clashes With #BlackLivesMatter: "Get A Job!" Mike Stables said he doesn’t know anyone serving in law enforcement, but still felt compelled to travel to New York from Denver, Colorado to attend last night’s “Pro-Cop Rally” in front of City Hall. Stables even sold t-shirts marked with the phrase, “I Can Breathe” to a few demonstrators. “It’s not a divisive effort at all,” he said, insisting that his goal was to “bring communities together.” Asked why he would design a t-shirt with a perversion of the phrase uttered nine times by a dying man who was choked by an NYPD officer, Stables replied, “Lebron has a worldwide podium and he exercises that and does it in a very eloquent fashion, but I think we need to also perhaps garner some attention, no pun intended.” [ more › ]

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