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Nothing induces acute FOMO like visiting Montreal the one time in your life just days before the Just For Laughs festival begins. Such is the case with this particular contributor, but Just For Laughs did the next best thing and released previously unseen footage from over the course of the festival’s more than 30 year history. With the help of new partner Maker Studios, JFL launched a revamped YouTube channel with vintage sets from comedians like Louis CK, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock, among others.


Bailey’s Irish Cream Lands Man In Jail For Homosexuality

A human rights lawyer has described the horrendous treatment experienced by gay people in Cameroon – where drinking a Baileys could put you in prison.

Michel Togue, a Cameroonian lawyer, said he had defended dozens of gay people but few were ever caught in the act.

Mr Togue, speaking to the ThinkProgress blog, said the African country uses gender stereotypes to convict gay individuals.

Homosexuality is banned in Cameroon and since 1972 has carried a prison sentence of five years.

In one instance, a client of Mr Togue’s was convicted for his feminine mannerisms and drinking Bailey’s Irish Cream – a choice which the judge felt was a woman’s drink.

irishcream 350x340 Baileys Irish Cream Lands Man In Jail For Homosexuality

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